In Memory of Alexander Ershov(1976 - 2016)

individual picture
Alexander Ershov
Irina Yershova
Sasha (11), Lisa (7) , Daniil (4)
Birth Date
June 8, 1976
Blessing Date
November 1, 2003
Ascension Date
June 13, 2016  10:30 PM
Local Church
Cheongshim Family Church
family and friends

Alexander (Sasha for short) Ershov was born in the town of Tver, the Moscow region of Russia. He was among those were able to join our movement at one of the large Divine Principle workshops for Russian high school students, in 1992. He was a bright, fresh, pure sixteen-year-old at the time. In 1993, he moved to Moscow City, where he enrolled at the Institute of Asian and African Studies to fulfill his dream of mastering the Korean language. He did master the language and, gaining a high degree of proficiency, graduated in 1998. He was an active contributor to many Unification Church activities during these exciting and hopeful times in Russia. One of the most notable of these was the international programs we conducted to facilitate meetings between North Korean and South Korean students, where his fluency in Korean was particularly helpful. When True Father visited Moscow in the 1990’s, Alexander translated for him on several occasions, directly from Korean into Russian.

Sasha was one of the first group of translators to arrive in Korea to begin work on the original Cheon Seong Gyeong, late in 2004. He was the main translator for the Russian language edition. Working from the original Korean – one of only a handful of translators to do so – his approach was mature. He knew that one had to sometimes look beyond the grammar and syntax to understand Father’s intended meaning. Sasha’s Korean was exceptional, especially for one who had never previously lived in Korea. He was also a gifted speaker of English, and on many occasions he offered significant help to the English language translation team – even translating whole sections to help them keep up to schedule.
With the Cheon Seong Gyeong translation concluded, Sasha moved to Peace TV, where he pioneered our church’s English-language broadcasting to a higher level than had previously been possible. [Paragraph contributed by Julian Gray, former Today’s World editor]

In 2008, Alexander joined the international staff at the Cheongshim International Medical Center, as Manager for International Patients. His linguistic ability, his people skills and his managerial expertise proved to be very helpful. Many patients, both Unification Church members and non-members, came to appreciate his mediation and support. In addition, he helped to earn large sums of money for the hospital through a novel venture known as “medical tourism,” where well-to-do foreign patients pay additional fees to get special VIP services while they receive the medical treatment they need.

Alexander was Blessed in marriage with his Ukrainian wife Irina, in 2003, and he and his wife have three lovely children, two girls, Sasha and Lisa, and one boy, Daniil.

Seonghwa Ceremony

10 AM
June 15
Gapyeong, Korea

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  • Carlton Johnson


    There have been many calls for some way to help Sasha’s family in his passing.

    Maarten Meijer has written a wonderful appeal, you may have received it already, directly. Or it may be forthcoming, soon. But in case you miss it through some other means, I am re-posting it here–in Korean and in English… Please feel free to send it out to others you know of… who may not be on any church list or mail-out…

    At the bottom, there is a bank account number for immediate and long-term assistance.


    Dear Cheongshim family member,

    Earlier this week, Alexander Ershov passed away, after a brave battle with cancer. As a key member of the international staff at the Cheongshim International Medical Clinic, he tirelessly served patients at the hospital. Because he was fluently tri-lingual (Korean, English, Russian), he was an indispensable member of the staff. For eight years he helped patients who came to the hospital, not only from Korea, but from all over East Asia – including from his native Russia. They often came in search for cures to life-threatening diseases, of the type that Alexander himself has now tragically succumbed to.

    Alexander, or “Sasha” as he is known to his friends, leaves behind his wife Iryna, and their three young children – two daughters, ages 11 and 8, and a son, age 4. Of course, their situation is very difficult. Not only has their husband and father suddenly been taken from them, but also has their source of life support disappeared. The Ershov family was a single-income family. Unlike her husband, Iryna does not speak Korean and knows only limited English. In addition, unlike Koreans, who usually can rely on some financial support from extended family in time of difficulty, Iryna does not have a network of relatives to fall back on.

    I asked and received permission from the Cheongshim Group president to appeal to your warmheartedness, kindness, and generosity. Just before Sasha passed away, we opened up a new bank account in Iryna’s name. Please make a generous donation to support Sasha’s family, so that Iryna and the children will be provided for, at least from the next few months, until Iryna has had the time and opportunity to make new arrangements to support their family.

    Sasha’s passing was so unexpected. Only a few months ago, he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, one of the most severe and aggressive types of cancers there is. Just five days before his passing, we celebrated his 40th birthday, singing songs and playing guitar for him next to his hospital bed. He was still so young and had so much left to give. Sasha loved Korea; earlier this year, he had become a Korean citizen. He never had the chance the experience the joys of being a citizen of his new homeland. I would like to ask you to give something in return to Sasha, for all he gave to Korea and the people here.

    Thank you.

    Account name: Yershova Iryna

    Account number: 1002-341-598069

    Bank name: Woori Bank


    사랑하는 청심 가족 여러분께,

    이번 주 월요일 알렉산더 예르쇼프는 암과 용감히 싸우다 타계했습니다. 청심병원 핵심 직원으로서 그는 병원 환자들을 끊임없이 보살펴 왔습니다. 한국어 영어 러시아어를 유창하게 구사하는 그는 병원에서 없어서는 안 될 사람이었습니다. 8년 동안 한국 뿐 아니라 자신의 고국인 러시아를 포함해서 멀리 동아시아로부터 내방하는 환자들에게 극진한 도움을 주었습니다. 그 환자들은 알렉산더 자신을 죽음으로 내몰았던 것과 같은.. 생명을 위협하는 그런 질병의 해결책을 찾기 위해서 청심병원을 자주 찾아왔던 것입니다.

    친구들은 샤샤라고 부르길 좋아했는데.. 알렉산더는 부인과 두 딸 그리고 한 명의 아들을 남기고 떠났습니다. 아이들은 이제 겨우 11살, 8살 그리고 4살이며 가정 상황은 매우 어렵습니다. 졸지에 남편과 아버지를 잃었고 생계 수단도 없어졌습니다. 예르쇼프는 맞벌이 부부가 아니었습니다. 부인 이리나씨는 한국말을 할 줄 모르며 겨우 영어로 의사를 표현할 정도입니다. 게다가 보통의 한국 사람처럼 막다른 궁지에 몰리면 도와 줄 이렇다 할 친척도 전혀 없습니다

    청심재단이사장의 허가를 받아 여러분의 친절과 관대함 그리고 온정의 손길을 부탁드리게 됨을 양해하여 주시기 바랍니다. 샤샤가 타계하기 며칠 전에 부인 이리나씨의 이름으로 새 은행계좌를 만들었습니다. 청심가족이 따뜻한 마음을 모아 주신다면 부인 이리나씨는 앞으로 몇 달 동안 남은 가족들의 새 보금자리를 찾을 수 있을 거라 생각합니다.

    샤샤는 불과 몇 달 전에 비호지킨림프종이라는 아주 심각한 병에 걸렸다는 사실을 알게 되었기 때문에 그의 죽음은 참으로 갑작스런 일이 아닐 수 없습니다. 우리는 그가 타계하기 5일 전에 40회 생일을 축하하며 그의 병실에서 기타를 치고 노래를 같이 불렀을 정도입니다. 그는 아직도 젊고 할 일이 많은 사람이었습니다. 샤샤는 한국을 사랑했습니다. 올 해 1월 그는 한국 사람이 되었지만 새로운 고국의 일원으로서 미처 기쁨을 누릴 시간도 가지지 못한 채 갔습니다. 그는 한국과 남아 있는 우리들에게 모든 것을 주고 갔습니다. 그에게 작은 보답이 될 수 있기를 간절히 바라는 마음으로 여러분에게 이 부탁의 글을 올립니다.


    계좌이름 : Yershova Iryna

    계좌번호 : 1002-341-598069

    은 행 : 우리은행


    Here is Iryna’s e-mail address:
    She herself may be able to give you the further details you might need to make a deposit from abroad.

    Also, last I heard, Iryna’s phone number (from within Korea) would be 010-8667-0403 …

    Peace and Love to all,

    Carlton and Mihoko Johnson


  • Manuel Salcedo


    Thank You so much brother Alexander! For all the wonderful things you had done in your life! Most of all being able to translated for Our True Parents! You’re great, being able to relate True Parents words right away too. I am sure that you’re now with Our True Parents as well too Aju!


  • Sydelle Enyeart


    Dear Brother,

    Thank you for achieving so much in your lifetime. Especially translating directly for our True Parents. I know you will be so welcomed in your true home in spirit world. Bless your family too.


  • Edna Munakata


    Thank you dear brother Alexander for all you’ve given. We appreciate you for your dedication, love and service. May you have a smooth heavenly ascension.


  • Irma Mas


    My husband and I had the privilege to meet Alexander in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1997.
    There Alexander amazed and delighted True Parents, who were living in Uruguay at that time, how well he spoke Korean. Alexander sang a wonderful Russian song to a very large audience as well, who had come to hear True Father speak that day at the Victoria Plaza Hotel.
    I wrote this a few years ago to Alexander, to let him know how proud True Parents must have been of him.


  • Markus Buergi


    Hardly ever I was taken aback by the passing of a fellow human being. However, Sasha, your passing on to the next world is different.
    Though continents away, and without having stayed in touch, you left indelible impressions in my life. Your gift to memorize text, to interact with others, to mediate is extra-ordinary; I learned so much from you.

    We are waging a war not to conquer, but to give the most precious gift possible to anybody in a condition to receive. Sasha, you gave to so many … yet your call to action in this world has ceased. Never this will mean to ‘rest in peace’, not for a trooper like you. No.Way.Ever.

    Soon I’m going to check on you, joining the forces beyond. Thank you for having touched my life with your genuine love for your fellow humans. Now lets keep loving, stepping it up whenever conditions allow it!

    With sincere brotherly love, Sasha, Godspeed to you!


    • Grace Davin


      What an amazing young man! Heavenly Parents must need you in the Spirit World!


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