Getting Back On Track Retreat Participant and Parent Testimonies

Anonymous Participant Testimonies

“This is what we are all about, to help one another no matter
how low things get or how difficult the situation.”

“So much of God’s grace was present. A grace that I could not feel in many other situations but it was cascading and even present in this workshop. Hands are reached out to everyone and there are people there to deal with the most difficult of situations, finding the way for each one. Thanks to those who informed us of this.”

“I recommend this workshop to anyone who feels hopeless or is tired of living with regrets.”

“I lived a completely fallen and selfish lifestyle. I disregarded everyone else’s feelings and focused on what I could do for myself, and how to make myself feel good. I agreed to go to this workshop to make my parents happy. I decided to have an open mind and not come into this thinking negatively (like I usually do…). What I experienced was both subtle and profound. I gained a whole new perspective on things I have heard a millions times before. I actually have respect for the church and am considering the Blessing, which I hadn’t done in over 3 years. My world didn’t go from black to white, by any means. But I feel like I’m not in the gray and I’m determined to head towards the light.”

“This is a place where you can be trusted and seen for who you are, not only what you’ve done.”

“It’s a truly unique experience that can’t be described with words.”

“I was amazed by the level of trust and understanding during the group discussions. I’ve never seen anyone open up so innocently and pour out their heart.”

“What do BCs represent? Adam and Eve as they stood before the Fall. What do fallen BCs represent? Adam and Eve after the Fall. What do fallen BCs who have restored themselves, received the Blessing, and multiplied pure children represent? Something that has not yet happened: the restoration of mankind. God could point to such a victorious couple and say, “Look, they did it. So can the world. This is my dream now, to be the subject of such a couple.”

Anonymous Parents Testimonies:

“Before I came here, I felt hopeless, because there wasn’t a good place to receive advice. The only thing that helped me was 2 sentences I found in Father’s speech. He said sometimes he was so angry at the stupid things people do. But that he had to practice extreme love. I felt I had to learn how to do that. At this workshop, I felt extreme love in action for my daughter and myself.”

“This is the most important workshop I have ever attended.”

“This workshop has brought great psychological, spiritual and emotional relief.”

“I cannot understate the value of this workshop, both for my child and for me. The sharing of situation by both parents and children was moving beyond my expectations.”

“God has planned this workshop for the parents and their children.”

(on going to this retreat) “It’ll be the most important decision for your renewal of faith and hope.”