Words from True Parents


“What kind of promise can inspire God? ‘Oh, my God, I have power and talent and great scholarship. I became a great doctor and I can wield authority. I am a capable president; through my orders I can control everything.’ Such words cannot inspire God. You can boast of none of those things.”

“If you say, ‘I have raised many sons and daughters,’ you still cannot be proud of yourself or inspire God. Only one promise can inspire God: ‘I have decided to be a sacrifice in order to establish the tradition of Your love. I have been trying to live for others. All I want to do is continue living this way.’ Then God will reply, ‘Oh, I understand you well. You have accomplished the principles of loyalty, filial piety and fidelity.’ Otherwise, you have no true pride before God, even though you work hard witnessing and fundraising, trying to do something for the world.”

“When did you cry in the position of a servant? Representing the most miserable laborers and farmers, you should tremble in sympathy for their suffering lives. Have you suffered as an adopted son? Handicapped people often lead miserable lives without anyone to whom they can appeal when they are humiliated. They may feel like failures before their parents or nation. Standing in front of them, you should be able to cry.”

– May 1, 1981, at the 27th anniversary of the founding of the UC, in Korea