Special Needs Ministry

Welcome to the Special Needs Ministry for families with children with disabilities and their friends and supporters. We offer resources and share information that we have found useful and uplifting. One of our main concerns is the eventual matching and Blessing of our children, no matter what the disability or ability. We put forth in faith that God has someone for everyone!

Purpose & Intent of Special Needs Ministry

To support families of children with special needs by:

  • Creating a forum for discussion and networking.
  • Serving as a conduit for potential Matching conversations and Blessings to occur for children with special needs.
  • Recommending best practices both internally and externally.
  • Suggesting helpful resources. (agencies, non-profits, publications, etc.)
  • Publishing inspiring testimonies and uplifting success stories.
  • Helping families know they are not alone in their challenges by facilitating healing communication.
  • Working together to achieve long term plans of creating programs and facilities to support these families.


The Special Needs Ministry was started in 2004 at the request of the National Blessing and Family Ministry.

While the ministry cannot answer or solve all of the needs of the families with children with special needs, it can be a clearing house and helpful resource as well as a place to network and find matches for our children with special needs.

Please email us with any information that you can share to improve the lives of our kids and families with special needs. We are a great resource for each other!

Online Discussion Group

As part of this program, we have opened an online discussion group, a forum where members can network, suggest ideas and resources, and share their hearts. We hope this can help create an environment of support so members do not feel they are alone in their situations.

To join the group, visit the Facebook group below and then request access by clicking on Join.

Join the Discussion Group

Once you request to join the group, one of our staff will send you the group guidelines and add you to the group. Once you are added to the group, feel free to start a discussion, ask a question or respond to other’s posts.

How to Support the Ministry

Top view image of group of young people putting their hands together. Friends with stack of hands showing unity.

There is always a need for volunteers to help take care of children with special needs so that the parents have time for their relationship. This is an excellent opportunity for local youth ministries or Sunday school groups to organize service projects and meet this need.

Blessing and Family Ministry representatives in each district can support families with special needs, or a family in each area can take that responsibility. Through discussions and support families can naturally go into the topic of matching their children.

Blessing and Family Ministry representatives can ensure that Unificationists with special needs are included in Parents Matching Convocations and BFM events.