Regarding the Unificationist view on cremation, until recently there was a general prohibition of cremation over burial. As it is written in the Tradition, “The practice of cremation is not in accordance with the Unification view, as it does not allow the physical body a natural return to the physical (material) world.”

However, after True Father’s ascension, True Mother revised the policy. She said: “Cremation is very common in Korea nowadays. With a prayerful attitude, place the ashes in an urn or in the ground or spread them at the base of a tree so they can nourish the earth.” This was conveyed by Dr Yang.

Whether to choose a traditional burial or cremation is the family’s choice. What is important at the farewell ceremony — whether it is done with cremated remains or with an intact body — is the heart and motivation. If the ceremony is done with a spirit of understanding, compassion, dignity and love, then it will be received by our Heavenly Parent.

The Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center conveyed the following instruction from Daemonim regarding cremation. If the choice is cremation, then members should offer a sincere “heartfelt prayer to Heaven,” and report the Blessed member’s full name, birthdate, age, and reason of passing to Cheong Pyeong immediately after the ascension and, if possible, before the cremation. For non-Blessed individuals, steps should be taken by family and friends to guide the ascended one to complete both the Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Ceremony.

Daemonim has pledged to protect and comfort the spirit being throughout the ascension, and send Absolute Good Ancestors to bring the individual to Heung Jin Nim’s Special Training Center and then to the Unification Spiritual Sphere.  Our attitude, according to Daemonim, should be to console the family and support their decision. The Principle attitude and way is to comfort the heart with compassion and selfless love.

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