Here is a list of government agencies, publications, websites and nonprofit organizations to serve our seniors.

"Better to be Prepared" by Jo Ann Crooks

Seniors Resource Guide

Seniors Resource Guide

Senior Resources and Services for Healthy Aging
We cover 76 topics in the categories of Senior Housing, Health at Home, Health Services, Professional Services and Community Resources plus Senior News and Events. Our National Senior Resource Directory is for learning about the variety and types of companies and organizations offering services and resources and the Local Directories are helpful in locating professionals providing these services.

National Council on Aging

Programs and best practices to better serve older adults in your community.  Online tools and tips to stay healthy and economically secure. Learn the latest in aging policy and see how to speak up for seniors in need.

Administration on Aging

The Administration on Aging (AOA) is the principal agency of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services designated to carry out the provisions of the Older Americans Act of 1965 (OAA), as amended (42 U.S.C.A. § 3001 et seq.). The OAA promotes the well-being of older individuals by providing services and programs designed to help them live independently in their homes and communities. The Act also empowers the federal government to distribute funds to the states for supportive services for individuals over the age of 60.

American Association of Retired Persons

Inexpensive membership offers helpful articles and information as well as significant discounts in numerous areas.

Assurant Solutions

This is a Q&A Page from one insurance company that offers “pre-need” funeral insurance. Going through an insurance company offers the option of using whatever funeral services you choose.

If you pre-pay funeral expenses through a funeral home you can lock in a price at the current rates which could mean substantial savings. This is a good option if you plan to remain in the same location or if the funeral home is part of a chain that has multiple locations. However, this is often not “portable” meaning that if you move to another location and use another funeral provider, you would not be able to use this fund.


Webiste with free resources. More than just planning a funeral – how will you BeRemembered?

Planning the Final Goodbye for yourself or a loved one takes time, consideration, and thoughtfulness. How will the events marking the end of life celebrate the spirit and story of that life in a unique and appropriate way? What will family and guests learn or remember about you or your loved one?

Do you enjoy the comfort of ritual and tradition? Or maybe something uniquely different? Or a combination of solemnity and celebration?

At BeRemembered, you can plan for your Last Goodbye, or help an ailing relative or friend through the difficult questions. This free consumer resource includes information on funeral planning, financing funerals, end of life decisions, dealing with grief, and so much more. Use our Funeral Services Locator Guide to find a funeral professional who can help you through all of the details.

Best of all, you can record the stories, pictures, and messages of your life and share them with family, friends, and future generations – even after you leave this life.

Funeral Net - Consumer Resources

National Funeral Directors Association

Sleep & Aging – Senior Sleep Guide

As we age, most of us will experience bodily changes that affect how we sleep. These changes often become more pronounced later in life, and the effects may be influenced by chronic illness or the side effects of prescription medication. As a result, sleep problems and disorders are relatively common among seniors. And many seniors find it takes a longer to fall asleep. This site explains different types of sleep problems and recommends a number of resources and solutions.

Medical Alert System Reviews

Medical Alert System Reviews

Elder care experts agree: The best medical alert system offers reliable equipment, transparent pricing, and help at the push of a button. After tracking down all 23 nationwide providers, we scored them on service, transparency, and breadth of equipment. Then we hand-tested 5 finalists for the easiest setup and speediest response. Our 2 top picks left us confident our loved ones would be in good hands. is run by a small group of obsessive consumers with a passion for the truth, and the desire to find the best. Our reviews sit squarely on the shoulders of our entire editorial team. The picks we make for the best are collectively ours, not the individual opinion of a single writer. Every research methodology we write and every “best” we mention builds the credibility of the entire site.

Books by William Selig

Preparing for the Afterlife

Disinformation and flawed knowledge about the afterlife have led to confusion, fear, and even denial about death and our inevitable transition from the physical world. The teachings of Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, bring clarity and understanding of our original nature as physical and spiritual beings who will naturally shed our physical bodies and continue to live in the spirit world. It makes eminent sense to know how to prepare for this transition to the world we will live in for eternity. As Martin Luther King, Jr., said: “Death is an open door which leads man into life eternal.” Preparing For The Afterlife provides a clear and detailed explanation of the inevitable transition to the eternal hereafter.


Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories for our daughter Hannah when she was about 5 years old. Some of the stories are made up but most have their origin in my own childhood growing up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Hannah enjoyed my stories, and for me, it was a pleasure to reach into my own childhood and bring back adventures, stories and places that were personally impactful. It felt like I was passing on something special and unique.


Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

More than 100 million American adults suffer from chronic pain, according to the Institute of Medicine. Chronic pain — pain that doesn’t go away — can take over your life. It can make you miss work, keep you awake at night, hold you back from leisure activities and even keep you from eating properly. And, it can affect relationships with friends and family.

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Your Home Senior Safe

A Comprehensive Guide to Making Your Home Senior Safe

Creating a senior safe home is critical, because so many of us want to age in our own homes for as long as we can, while maintaining our health, independence and dignity. The challenge of course, is that as you age, your current living environment may not be conducive to your changing needs. Currently, only 1% of homes are prepared for aging in place.

In this guide we’ll cover the most important tips to make your home safe well into your golden years. We put together this guide by interviewing some of the country’s leading experts. With a little preparation and a few simple changes, your home can grow with you and you can dramatically improve your safety and well being.

Pornography - "3 Ways Grandparents CAN Help Kids Reject Pornography"

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