Offering Children Resources

Though the practice of Offering a Child in our Unificationst culture has some unique perspectives, there are resources for the secular practice of Adoption that may offer some support and insight. Note, some adoption laws are federal laws but many are state by state.

America Adopts

At America Adopts!, we’re passionate about creating families through open adoption. As adoptive parents, we know first-hand the love and joy it can bring to all members of the triad. (Open Adoption means that the birth parents can stay in touch with the offered child. This was not always the case in the United States but it has become more popular in recent years.)

Child Welfare Information Gateway

Each state makes its own laws in the area of adoption, according to state statute. While some federal laws do apply, practices and policies can vary widely from one state to another or even from one county to the next. To learn about laws specific to your state or jurisdiction, visit the website of the Child Welfare Information Gateway, at or contact your county’s Department of Children and Youth.

American Academy of Adoption Attorneys

Not every attorney is familiar with adoption. Your agency may be able to suggest someone with whom it works regularly. You can also check with the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys at 202-832-2222.

Adoption Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US Department of State

If you have chosen intercountry adoption, you will also have more need for an attorney. You may want to read the documents found at the Intercountry Adoption Bureau of Consular Affairs of the US Department of State.

Article about adoption laws at