Offering Children Ministry


To offer support and resources for couples who have been unable to conceive a child and help facilitate relationships with those who would like to offer a child.

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Introduction – Contributed by Claire Bowles

The Offering Children Ministry started officially in April 1989, in the kitchen of the Bowles family with a group of offering and receiving mothers. We wanted to make ourselves available as support for couples entering into an offering children arrangement. Because each couple is different and each offering is different your experience will be unique. I can’t suggest that my way is the only way to do it. But we can be here to give a helpful hand, an open heart, and a listening ear to anyone who needs it.

We firmly believe that going the course of offering a child to another couple is not for everyone. Couples who do not offer a child are in no way lesser people because of this. No one should ever, in any way, hint to a couple or suggest that couples that do not offer a child are selfish.

The ministry wants to support the brothers and sisters who choose to offer as well as those who need to receive. Both offering and receiving parents have their unique challenges, and both need support and access to others who preceded them.

Claire Bowles
The Bowles Family

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