Marriage for Widowed Blessed Unificationists (Comfort Blessing)

The following was prepared by the Families of the Ascended Ministry Team and National Blessing and Family Ministry USA

History of the Comfort Blessing and its Status Today

The nature of the Marriage Blessing is that it is an eternal marriage between one man and one woman. The couple will ultimately dwell in the spirit world together. As such, the issue of Blessed widows and widowers remarrying after their spouse ascends is complicated. In light of this, the comfort blessing has gone through several changes throughout the history of our movement due to many complications in the spirit world. God and True Parents do not wish for anyone to suffer from the separation from one’s spouse through death. However, they also are committed to maintain the sanctity of the Blessing. Therefore, it has never been easy for True Parents to allow for the comfort blessing to take place. Despite knowing the complications involved, there have been times throughout the history of our movement where True Parents have allowed for certain couples to receive the comfort blessing out of their grace and compassion for our widowed members. This was done to protect the original Blessings, support the raising of children from the original Blessings, and allow for the continued growth in the four realms of heart of the individuals.

At the present time True Mother has expressed concern about widowed members receiving the comfort blessing. She has received reports of ascended spouses having difficulty with their earthly spouse receiving a comfort blessing. Therefore comfort blessing can only occur with True Mother’s expressed permission. For questions and concerns regarding the comfort blessing, please contact Christian Nseka at

What is the Comfort Blessing?

A comfort blessing is an earthly marriage between a Blessed man and a Blessed woman whose spouses have ascended to the spiritual world. It is not an eternal Blessing. After the spouse who received the comfort blessing ascends, he/she will return to their original Blessed spouse.