The Four Great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk

The Cheon Il Guk Holy Items were bequeathed by True Parents to all Blessed Families in April 2016. For about a year, local pastors hosted Special Grace ceremonies in their communities where all members could receive a set of Holy Items.

There are now three ways to obtain the Holy Items:

  • A new Blessed Couple can receive a set of Holy Items from their pastor at the time of their Blessing Ceremony or shortly after.
  • A parent can multiply the Holy Candles and Holy Salt for their children at any time.
  • A pastor can multiply a whole set for anyone that would like to receive the items at any time.

Pastors can use the seed Holy Items to multiply individual Holy items or sets for members of their congregation.

Should someone want to have the special Holy Item box and containers prepared by HQ, they can order it from the BFM. The set will come with the containers unfilled. The owner of the new set, will then go to their pastor to receive the contents to fill the containers and have their candle be sanctified.

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