Blessed Family Traditions

Click the button below to gain access to a digital copy of an extensive explanation of the traditions of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification as expressed by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak in The Tradition, Book One. The Tradition, Book One outlines some basic traditions of ceremonies associated with Family Federation life of faith. The author uses True Father’s speeches and guidance given by True Father to the 36 Couples either by word or by example as his sources. In his introduction, Rev. Kwak states, “As True Father himself has often said, the most important condition for the fulfillment of any tradition is the heart with which one acts, not the external form of the ritual itself… Ours is a movement of heart, and one’s restoration through Divine Principle is not predicated upon the strict external observance of ceremony.”

Traditions covered in The Tradition, Book One include: Attendance Etiquette, Prayers Rooms and Altars, Services, Pledge Service, Il Jeung Prayer and Fund, Pictures of True Family, Holy Songs, Holy Salt, Holy Ground, Unification Church, Unification Church Flag, Indemnity Fund, Tithing, Holy Days and Holidays, Shimjung Candles, Birth Candles, Holy Robes, Births, Birth Ceremony, Eight Day Dedication Ceremonies, Blessed Family Practices, Deaths, Seonghwa Ceremony, and Funerals.

It is important to note that some of the traditions outlined in The Tradition, Book One are not up-to-date. Therefore, updates to the traditions are posted below. Please check this page periodically for any updates to the traditions.

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Updated Traditions

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