Couple Care

“Love is not a man and woman meeting each other and having a good time. Love is offering up your life. If you marry, you must do so on the basis of your determination that your life is for your spouse.”
– True Parents

The Couple Care Ministry supports man and woman to find lasting fulfillment and inspiration.

True Parents’ Words on Marriage

We’ve compiled various speeches and words from True Parents on the topic of marriage into a comprehensive document, filled with gems of wisdom from True Parents. The quotes are extracted from various texts, including Cheon Seong Gyeong, True Father’s Autobiography, Blessing & Ideal Family, and World Scriptures.

Enrichment Resources

Everyone needs polishing and practice in their marriage. That’s why we’ve got tons of books, videos, and programs to support your marriage in a way to works for you.

Marriage Enrichment Videos

Over the past several years, the BFM has offered Marriage Enrichment Webinars, presented by marriage professionals in our faith community. We’ve recorded all of our webinars and have now compiled them into this page, where you can watch more than 30 videos!

Marriage Enrichment Articles

Marriage, like our spiritual health, physical health, and personal cleanliness requires constant investment and upkeep! The BFM regularly shares marriage enrichment articles and resources to help you and your spouse explore different ways to enrich your marriage.

The Marriage Course

A strong, loving, and lifelong relationship doesn’t happen by chance. It takes effort and dedication to keep the fun and romance alive. We can all learn how to make even the happiest marriage better!

Unificationist Marriage Counselors

A comprehensive list of several professional Unificationist marriage counselors. Give one of them a call to set up a counseling appointment. English and Japanese speakers are available.

Blessed Marriage Project – Couples Retreat

The Blessed Marriage Project (BMP) sponsors Energize! Couples’ Retreats held in beautiful and quaint retreat settings surrounded by nature. These three-day, two-night retreats conveniently run from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and are made affordable by the generosity of the BMP donors.

Marriage Healing

Sometimes healing is needed in our marriage in order to fully experience the complete joy of God’s Marriage Blessing.