FAQ • Korea Blessing Experience 2018

How can I register?

To register to participate in the Cosmic Blessing, all participants must complete their online application by July 29, 2018: Regsiter Here.

How can I stay updated ?

To stay updated, sign up for the exclusive mailing list at

A Facebook Group will be created later on for those who sign up.

When should I arrive in Korea and depart from Korea?

Arrival & Departure

Participants and their guests should plan to arrive in Korea by 2:00 PM on Saturday, August 25 and depart on the evening of Wednesday, August 29.


If possible, please try to arrive at Incheon International Airport (ICN) before 2:00 PM on Saturday Aug. 25, as Orientation will be in the evening. Seil Travel will provide bus transportation from Incheon Airport to the accommodations at multiple times throughout the day.

If you cannot arrive in Korea on Aug. 25 by 2:00 PM due to high ticket prices for earlier flights or an inconvenient schedule, please let us know by email:

Please do not arrive through Gimpo Airport or any other airports other than Incheon.


Plan to depart on the evening of Wednesday, the 29th. There will be shuttle buses from the resort to Incheon Airport on the 29th.

If you must depart on the 28th, please contact

How do I submit my flight info?

Once you’ve reserved your flight to Korea, please submit your flight info using this form.

Each individual flying to Korea must submit the form.

What's the general schedule in Korea?

Aug. 25 (Sat): Arrival in Korea and transportation from Incheon Airport to accommodations.
Aug. 26 (Sun): Orientation, Preparation, and Holy Wine Ceremony
Aug. 27 (Mon): Cosmic Blessing and Celebration, Relaxation & Recreation
Aug. 28 (Tue): Married Life Education and Organized Activities
Aug. 29 (Wed): Transportation from accommodations to Incheon Airport

Can my family or guests come too?

Of course! Feel free to encourage your family and guests to attend the program together with you. They will also be staying at the same resort as the couples.

Expenses for transportation, food, accommodations, and activities will be provided for family and guests for around $100 per person per day. Details on costs for guests are forthcoming.

How can I get a Blessing Ring?

Option 1: Purchase in the USA

Email Michael Brunkhorst to place an order for your ring and ring size.


Please submit and confirm your Blessing ring order at least one month prior to departing for Korea to ensure timely delivery.


14k yellow or white gold rings.

Optional diamond.

Inscription and shipping included in price.


Depending on the style, the price for men is $340 or $380, and for women the price is either $225, $275, or $340.

View Options & Price List


Option 2: Purchase In Korea

You can purchase a Blessing ring at the accommodations in Korea before the Cosmic Blessing.

Rings will be available for purchase at the resort. You may use either US Dollar or Korean Won to purchase rings.

What costs should be expected?

The expenses of traveling to Korea for a four-day experience and to receive the Marriage Blessing from True Parents at the Cosmic Blessing is considerably affordable. It is best to start budgeting and saving now for such an important occasion.

All expenses for transportation, food, accommodation, and activities will be covered for all Cosmic Blessing participants. Any other expenses (outlined below) will be personal expenses.

Budgeting Overview

Blessing Offering:
The Blessing Offering amount depends on the status of each participant. To find out the amount for your situation, please click here.

Flight to Korea:
Flying to Korea can generally cost anywhere from $1000 to $1500 depending on when you purchase your flight, which airline you use, and other factors. Be sure to research flights well in advance.

Blessing Ring:
If you intend to purchase a Blessing Ring in Korea, be sure to budget for that, as well. See “How can I get a Blessing Ring?” for details.

Other Expenses: If you choose to extend your stay in Korea, purchase souvenirs, or do other activities, be sure to budget enough to cover any personal expenses.

Is there a Travel Grant available?

Yes! Information about the Korea Travel Grant can be found here.

How can I receive the Level 3 Blessing Education?

A National Level 3 Blessing Workshop will be held on July 20-22 at the Unification Theological Seminary in New York for matched couples preparing to receive the Marriage Blessing. The content is designed to support couples in preparation for married life and the Marriage Blessing and includes content on the value of the Marriage Blessing and practical guidance on relationships, communication, male-female differences, and building intimacy. Registration is now open.

We encourage all matched couples to receive the Level 3 Blessing education in person at the national workshop in order to experience the full impact of the educational content. However, for those who cannot participate in the workshop in New York, there is an option to receive the education via an online course. Click here for details.

What is the attire for the Blessing Ceremony?

Men: Dark suit, white dress shirt. Suit can be either black or dark blue. Color of tie is to be determined.

Women: White or ivory wedding dress. Gloves and veils will be provided in Korea.

What accommodations will be provided?

Accommodations for American participants and guests will be at the Kensington Resort near Cheong Pyeong (address: 430 Cheong-goon-ro, Sang-myun, Gapyeong-goon, Gyeonggi-do 477-821).

For Participants: Accommodations will be provided from the evening of Saturday, Aug. 25 to the morning of Wednesday, Aug. 29. Additional nights at the resort will be available for a cost. Details on the cost are forthcoming.

For Guests: Expenses for transportation, food, accommodations, and activities will be provided for family and guests for around $100 per person per day from Saturday, Aug. 25 to Tuesday, Aug. 28. Details on the cost are forthcoming.

Rooms are suite style and will be organized by gender. Parents of participants will have the option to room together with other parents.

Do I need a visa to enter Korea?

USA passport holders are not required to apply for a tourist visa to enter Korea.

However, some holders of certain passports are required to apply for a tourist visa in advance in order to enter Korea.

Please check with the Korean Embassy of your nation of citizenship to confirm whether or not you require a tourist visa.

If you are a national from a country that requires a visa to travel to South Korea, please contact us at as soon as possible with your full name, date of birth, passport number, and dates of travel.

Which airport should I fly into?

Incheon International Airport. The staff will not pick up from any other airports.

Can I get a letter of Excused Absence for Religious Observance to request time off school or work?

Yes, we will provide you with an official letter for excused absence. Just contact and request a letter with the title “Request for a Letter of Excused Absence for Religious Observance.”