Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing 2018

The Marriage Blessing

The Cosmic Blessing is your opportunity to experience what the Marriage Blessing is all about. Family, friends, and celebrating the commitment of one man and one woman to love each other eternally. The Cosmic Blessing has become a worldwide trend where couples commit to creating loving marriages and thriving families. In response to the breakdown of traditional marriage in our world, the Marriage Blessing is our path to build a world of strong marriages and empowered families together.

How to Participate

Participate in Korea

A fun and memorable program will be prepared for couples and their guests who participate in the Cosmic Blessing in Korea, including the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony, sightseeing in Korea, marriage life education, and activities. The Korea Blessing Experience will be an event worth the travel for anyone who attends, especially for matched couples, who will have the unique opportunity to have their marriage Blessed by True Parents together with many other matched couples. In addition, expenses for all activities, meals, accommodations, and transportation within Korea will be covered for participating couples by their Blessing Offering.

True Mother is looking forward to welcoming many couples from the USA for the celebration.

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Participate in the USA

The Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing in Korea will be broadcast live at locations throughout the USA on the evening of Sunday, August 26, 2018. Local communities throughout the nation are encouraged to prepare a beautiful celebration for the couples in their area. Contact your local FFWPU Pastor for more info on how to participate.

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