Blessing Rings

_MG_6434ccBlessing rings are public displays of the blessed marital union between man and woman centered on God.

To purchase a Blessings ring, there are currently three options available:

Option 1: Purchase In the U.S.

Email Michael Brunkhorst to place an order for your ring size:

NOTE: Please submit and confirm your Blessing ring orders before February 10th to ensure timely delivery.

14k yellow or white gold rings.
Optional diamond.
Inscription and shipping included in price.


Depending on the style, the price for men is $340 or $380, and for women the price is either $225, &275, or $340.

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Option 2: Purchase In Korea

In the resort where matched couples stay before the Blessing, and at Cheong Pyeong at the convenient store, there will be rings for purchase.


The rings are 14K gold with a diamond embedded in the center, and the approximate cost is $280 for men and $250 for women.