Blessing Interviewer Online Training

Interested in becoming a Blessing Interviewer and supporting people to create a healthy Marriage Blessing?

Being a Blessing Interviewer has been a rewarding experience for many trained Blessing Interviewers throughout the USA and world. The BFM now offers a free Online Training Course for Blessing Interviewer certification. By taking this online course, you will be trained to guide applicants through a process of sharing honestly about, receiving God’s love and forgiveness, and starting anew in preparation to receive the Marriage Blessing. You will receive a Blessing Interview Manual and other materials as a certified Blessing Interviewer.

Click here to read a letter about this Blessing Interviewer training from the BFM Director

One of the important components of Blessing preparation is the Blessing Interview (formerly known as Purity Interview). Until now the District Pastors have been responsible to oversee Blessing Interviews. Many District Pastors designated representatives to conduct these interviews on their behalf. From now on the responsibility for overseeing the Blessing Interview will transition to the local Pastor. To facilitate this transition process, and help you be more effective as a Blessing Interviewer, our BFM Team has developed a short Blessing Interview Manual and updated the Blessing Interview Form. We are also offering a Blessing Interview Training Webinar.

The purpose of the Blessing Interview is to give each person the opportunity to report about their past mistakes honestly to God and True Parents as a condition to receive forgiveness from our Heavenly Parent and receive the Blessing. The role of the interviewer is to be a representative of God and True Parents, receiving the confession on their behalf. Interviewers have the opportunity to help each person experience liberation and freedom from guilt from any past mistakes.

Because these Blessing Interviews are such an important part of Blessing preparation, all Pastors are encouraged to attend a Blessing Interview Training Webinar in order to understand the process. Additionally, all those who have been trusted to do interviews in the past and those who would like to become new interviewers are encouraged to attend a training. To qualify as a Blessing Interviewer you should be Blessed, listen well, be trusted to maintain confidentiality, and have the support of your local Pastor.

From April 1, 2014, we would like each church community to have at least 2 trained Blessing Interviewers, one of each gender, who can be available to any applicant in their community seeking an appointment for an interview. (Small communities may choose to share responsibilities for conducting interviews with other communities.) To be considered a trained Blessing Interviewer, one must read the manual and take the online training. Additionally, those who are not Pastors will need their local Pastor to submit a recommendation in order to be certified as a Blessing Interviewer.

Yun-A Johnson
Director, Blessing & Family Ministry

What You Will Gain

By taking the online training, you will gain the following:

  • An understanding of the format of the Blessing Interview.
  • Practical tips for how to provide individuals with a positive experience through the interview process.
  • Tools for addressing difficult topics that may come up during the interview.
  • Join a network of many trained Blessing Interviewers.
  • Experience personal enrichment through building relationships with candidates, families, and other Blessing Interviewers.

Who Can Become a Blessing Interviewer?

The ideal Blessing Interviewer is:

  • Committed to helping people experience God’s unconditional love
  • Happily Blessed in marriage for at least one year
  • Very respectful of confidentiality
  • A good listener

How Do I Start?

Please communicate with your local Pastor to let them know about your desire to become a Blessing Interviewer. Your Pastor should then submit the form below to recommend you as a Blessing Interviewer. Once the Pastor submits the form below, you will receive an email with further instructions to take the training.

Once approved, you will be given access to the course videos, Blessing Interview Manual, and other resources.

Pastor Recomendation Form