BFM Coordinator Application

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Would you find it fulfilling to empower couples and families in your community to have strong, happy marriages and awesome parent-child relationships? Would you be proud to attend the Blessing Ceremony of a couple that you helped bring together? Would you be relieved to know how to help a family in your community get through a tough time by connecting them to resources and professional help? If yes, then consider volunteering to become a BFM Coordinator for your community.

As a BFM Coordinator, the national BFM will train and equip you to share Blessing and Family Ministry related information and resources with your pastor and community. You will become your community’s resident consultant for questions relating to BFM, such as matching tools, Blessing education, Blessing applications, marriage enrichment, crises care, and family care resources. You will be part of your community’s ministry team, and you will be empowered to build a team of other brothers and sisters that can offer Blessed Family care in your community. You will become an invaluable asset to your pastor and community.

Our hope is that every Family Federation community nationwide can have a BFM Coordinator working to support their pastor with Blessed Family care. All BFM Coordinators will be provided with on-going training and support from the National BFM, and become connected to the nationwide network of BFM Coordinators. As a BFM Coordinator, you will have access to an online, self-paced training course, and will be able to participate in monthly calls for training and support. Also, the national BFM team will always be available to address any concerns you may have and support you in carrying out your ideas for Blessed Family care in your community.

If you are interested in supporting your community as a BFM Coordinator or are even just considering it, please speak with your pastor. Since you will play a key role on your pastor’s team, we want your pastor to fully endorse you and support you in this role. If your pastor approves you as a BFM Coordinator, then have him or her write you a letter of endorsement, and upload it to your BFM Coordinator Application form. Once we receive your completed form, you will immediately gain access to the online training, become connected to the network of BFM Coordinators, and be invited to the monthly support calls.

Thank you for considering stepping into this important role. We look forward to working with you!


Yun-A Johnson
Director, Blessing & Family Ministry

BFM Coordinator Application