Matching & Blessing Application Center

Dear Applicant,

Welcome! We want to provide you with the best application experience possible.

The purpose of this application system is to help you best prepare for the Marriage Blessing and to record your information securely. To start your application, you will need to create a login. Once you log in, you can start your applications, which will be located on the panel on the right side. You can save your applications by clicking on [SAVE] at the bottom of the page.

How to Apply

If you’re applying as a matched couple, you’ll need to complete these three applications:
(what you will need to submit)

  1. Matching Application: this application will qualify you as a candidate to receive the Marriage Blessing, and is completed before beginning a matching process.
  2. Matching Report Application: this application is the official report of your match.
  3. Blessing Ceremony Application: this application will register you for the Marriage Blessing Ceremony.

Reminder: All matched couples need to submit all three of the above applications before receiving the Marriage Blessing.

If you’re applying as a married couple, you’ll need to complete these two applications:

  1. Basic Information: this application will ask for general information about your couple.
  2. Blessing Ceremony Application: this is the official registration to attend the Marriage Blessing Ceremony.

Choose the application that describes you.


Choose the application that describes you.

What You Will Need to Submit

1. Matching Candidate Application

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2. Matching Report Application

  • Matching Report Form (signed at your Commitment Ceremony) – Download Form

3. Blessing Ceremony Application