About Us

We are a diverse team striving to create loving families.

Our mission is to provide a path towards loving relationships as Heavenly Parent intended through Matching tools and support, Blessed Marriage enrichment and healing resources, and Blessed Family care.

Our vision is a vibrant community of happily Blessed Couples and Families, rooted in Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love.

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Meet the Team


Crescentia DeGoede


Steve Honey
Family Care Manager


Benjy Uyama
Project Manager


Ayako Heller
Administrative Assistant
International Communications


Jessica Satttinger
Community Liaison


Tina Zelada
Administrative Assistant
Finance Manager


Leighton DeGoede
Tech Support
Database Admin

John A

John Abelseth
MS Co-Coordinator
BFM Representative for Canada


Anne-Marie Mylar
Founder & Manager of OMS
MS Co-Coordinator

John D

John DeGoede
MS Co-Coordinator
Webinar Tech Support


Marjorie Buessing
Curriculum Developer
MS Co-Coordinator


Debby Gullery
Curriculum Developer
Dissolution Counselor


David Young
24+ Connect Retreats Director

The BFM empowers families in four ways.

1. Individuals

Single Support

2. Couples

Couple Education

Sex & Intimacy

  • Sex & Intimacy Resources – resources and video presentations for married couples on how to have heavenly sex and intimacy.

Offering Children Ministry (Adoption)

  • Adoption Support – ministry that supports couples seeking to adopt, as well as couples seeking to offer a child.

Marriage Counseling & Healing

3. Families


Family Care

  • Life Transitions – recognition of the life transitions of people in our community, including births, anniversaries and ascensions.
  • Special Needs Ministry – ministry that supports children with disabilities.
  • Offering Children Ministry – offers support and resources for couples who have been unable to conceive a child and help facilitate relationships with those who would like to offer a child.
  • Seonghwa Ministry – recognizes and supports those who have ascended.

Widows & Widowers

4. Communities

Local Education Packages

  • “Being the Right Person” packaged curriculum – educational intro to the Marriage Blessing.
  • “Preparing for Marriage” packaged curriculum – education designed for singles wanting to learn about the Matching process.
  • “Start Smart: Growing as a Couple” packaged curriculum – education designed to help engaged couples prepare for marriage.
  • Parents Matching Education packaged curriculum – education for parents to learn about the Matching process. 
  • Packaged Small Groups – Small Group curricula to bring communities together. 

Local Community Training

  • Marriage Blessing How-To Guide – guide for community leaders to prepare and host a local Marriage Blessing Ceremony.
  • Matching Advisor Training – certification training for community leaders to advise individuals through the Matching process.
  • Blessing Interviewers Training – certification training for community leaders to conduct the Blessing Interview.

Ministry Leader Resources

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer Requests – public announcements to request prayer for a specific person in the community.