BFM Matching Preparation Seminar Tour 2018

The BFM is touring around the USA, and we just might be stopping near you! Be sure to check out our Matching Preparation Seminars happening at the below locations. This Tour will give local communities the opportunity to receive education from BFM Representatives John and Helen Abelseth.

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To participate in a local seminar, please fill out the registration form associated with the seminar that you would like to join (below). You can also contact the organizer directly.

If you have general questions about the Tour, please contact Jessica Sattinger at

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If you would like to request a seminar in your local community during the Tour, please fill out this form.

Invite the BFM to Your Community

Kansas City, Missouri – Feb. 10
Peeter Saarna –
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Nashville, Tennessee – Feb. 17-18
Yukihiro Saito –
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Miami, Florida – Feb. 24-25
Keisha Greene –
Joe Young –
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Atlanta, Georgia – Mar. 3-4
Kimbembi Koko –
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San Antonio, Texas – Mar. 10
Anne-Marie Morgan –
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Dallas, Texas – Mar. 17-18
John Jackson –
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Las Vegas, Nevada – Mar. 24-25
Ken Doo –
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Los Angeles, California – Mar. 27-28
Peter Chen –
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Bay Area, California – Mar. 31-Apr. 1
Tadamy Gucci –

Salt Lake City, Utah – Apr. 7-8
Mike & Wendy Stovall –

















“It was a really good experience. John is a very good speaker; he is eloquent, heartfelt, sincere, sensitive, timely, and wise/experienced. I learned a lot from the information he presented, and especially the testimonies.” 

About John & Helen Abelseth

John & Helen currently serve as the BFM Directors of Canada. For the last few years, they’ve been using their retirement to follow their true passion of visiting local communities to offer matching education and resources. They have five adult children, all of whom have been matched and received the Marriage Blessing. To get in touch John & Helen, feel free to contact John at

BFM Tour Reports

Florida Receives Matching Preparation Education

On Saturday, February 24, Family Church of South Florida heled a Matching Preparation Seminar to introduce the matching process for families, as well as new members of the Unification Movement. Parents and their young adult…

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Nashville Hosts First Matching Preparation Seminar

Contributed by Rev. Yukihiro Saito The Nashville Family Church held their first Matching Preparation Seminar on Saturday, February 17, 2018. The lecturers, Mr. John and Mrs. Helen Abelset presented the content for 13 community…

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Kansas City Holds First Stop on BFM Matching Preparation Seminar Tour

We had a very exciting  Matching Preparation and Matching Supporters Seminar on February 10 and 11 here in Kansas City. Mr. John Abelseth gave a very clear and deep explanation about the matching process,…

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