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The Marriage Blessing Movement is an initiative to extend the Marriage Blessing to more couples and families throughout America. By participating in this movement that True Parents established, we make a statement affirming the value of strong marriages and healthy families.

Our True Mother said:

“The Marriage Blessing will hold no meaning if you allow your blessing to extend only to your family, while living in this age of True Parents. Do you understand? Blessed families must fulfill their responsibility. The Marriage Blessing should not remain within or end up as a blessing that extends only to your family. You must reveal to your neighbors, your tribe, and your nation that True Parents are the true owners.” – True Mother’s 2015 Foundation Day Address

Through receiving the Marriage Blessing, our friends and family can have their marriages strengthened and relationship with God deepened. True Parents’ desire is for all people of the world to receive the Marriage Blessing, become Blessed Central Families and Tribal Messiahs, and practice true love in their relationships. However, they need our help to make that possible!

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Upcoming Dates

Communities around the nation are already signing up to host a Blessing Ceremony in their local areas in 2017!

The Upcoming 2017 Nationwide Marriage Blessing Movement opportunities are on the weekends of:



The Community Blessing Ceremony Kit is designed for pastors and community leaders who would like to host a Blessing Ceremony locally. This easy-to-use kit is a compilation of resources that can make the planning and organization of the ceremony a smooth and joyful one for both the organizer and for the couples.

The Kit Includes:

  • Pre-designed programs and invitations cards that can be customized to fit the unique needs of each community.
  • Clear instructions explaining how to print each file for the best, most professional result.
  • Video recordings of the different components of the Blessing Ceremony officiated by True Mother in Korea, to be used as needed.

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For Couples

The most important preparation a couple can make is internal. Couples that are committed to completing the Five Steps and participate in the Marriage Blessing Ceremony must register online at
We invite you to contribute to the success of this Marriage Blessing Movement in 2017! Please feel free to contact our national BFM team at or 212-997-0055 with any questions.